How is Rhinoplasty Performed?

Rhinoplasty surgery can be performed in 2 different ways, including closed and open technique. Surgery is planned according to the technique your surgeon prefers to use. In open technique, an inverted V-shaped incision is made to the tip of the nose and surgery is performed by opening the nose. In the closed technique preferred by many surgeons today, incisions are made through the nostrils. The nose is not fully opened and the surgery is performed from the inside by videoendoscopic imaging technique. All of the problems such as arch, curvature, reduction, cartilage tissue disorders, nostril asymmetry or low tip of the nose can be resolved with an operation that lasts an average of 1.5 hours. In closed rhinoplasty technique, self-boiling stitches are thrown into the nose. That’s why you don’t need stitches. Also nowadays it is no longer used in the universe applications of discomfort to the person such as tampons and plaster. These are replaced by silicone splints and nose bands that make breathing easier. Both are improvements that make the post-surgery process easier for the patient. After surgery, the patient can usually return home after a night’s hospital stay, depending on the same or condition.

The Healing Process After Rhinoplasty

Do not expect a very distressed healing process after rhinoplasty surgery. Although there is an opinion among the public in this direction, the techniques used in rhinoplasty surgery or materials such as tampons used after the surgery have changed a lot. Patients can survive this healing process, which is one week to 10 days, with a very comfortable process. After the surgery, your doctor may give you some warnings or suggestions. You have to take all this into account and apply it to the letter. For example, it is very important that you do not take a blow to the nose area. Avoid forcing your body movement is one of those that we still should be careful. Taking into account your doctor’s recommendations and warnings can make the healing process much easier to complete. Although recovery is fast after rhinoplasty, you should not forget that you have to wait a year to see the result. After surgery, patients can usually wait and want to see the new nose shape as soon as possible. However, it takes approximately 1 year to take the form of surgery. You should also consider this information.

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